Clear apothecary jar containing traces of tincture of myrrh used in a pharmacy of a mental health hospital, Victoria, circa 1900.
Myrrh was used as an antiseptic and primarily used in mouthwashes, gargles and toothpastes for prevention and treatment of gum disease.

Physical Description

Small, slim, clear glass apothecary's jar containing remnants of tincture of myrrh. Jar has round, slightly concave base, straight sides, hemi-spherical shoulder and shortish, slim neck with broad protruding lip. Has glass stopper with flat, circular, horizontal top. Label is painted on back of curved oblong perspex plate which is glued into inset on side of jar. It is painted in black on white (with red and gold border) on inside of perspex plate, inset on side of jar.


Example of pharmaceuticals used in Victorian mental health hospitals

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