Container used ofr brilliantine, circa 1920. Used at psychiatric hospital in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Physical Description

Barber's metal-plated brilliantine container with flat base and spherical body. Container has two grooves around circumference, 0.5cm and 1.0cm up from base. Widest point of container has raised section covering the point at which top and bottom are joined. Neck of container bulges slightly and has two raised sections which are 1.3cm apart. Several dents in container. Lid is spherical with an attached bottom which screws into container. Hole in top of lid per- mits brilliantine to drip out. Some verdigris on base of container and on lid; white residue inside neck. 768.1 Lid 768.2 Body


Example of personal grooming products used in psychiatric hospital in Victoria Australia

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