Alternative Name(s): Wood Carving

Sculpture titled 'St. Christopher' by Josef Moser, 1996. Josef Moser can trace back wood carving in his family to the 18th Century. His father taught him carving in the tradition of the Baroque style and his mother taught him gilding. Josef's father was renowned through Europe for his religious and secular carvings and did commissions all over the world. Josef came to Australia in 1982 and sees himself very much as carrying on the family tradition. The bulk of his work is Christian in subject. Moser works within a consciously Austrian baroque tradition, however he generally lightens the finish of the works to suit a perceived 'Australian taste for more simplicity'.

Physical Description

Wooden carved sculpture depicting St. Christopher with staff in hands carrying on his right shoulder the Christ child. The child is naked. The sculpture has been carved out of three pieces of timber adhered together to form a single block. The sculpture is mounted on a small two tiered timber pedestal stained a dark brown. The sculpture itself is very light in colour and has been sanded, varnished and polished.

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