Seven glass medicine jars from the pharmacy of a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia circa 1900. Some jars contain traces of medicine. One jar nearly full of powder. Part 1 Salol, used as a sunscreen agent in creams and lotions; also used as a coating for pills and capsules; Part 2 Acid Gallic, for treatment of diarrhoea and gastroenteritis of bacterial origin; Part 3 Bismuth Subgallate dusting powder for eczema and similar skin diseases; Part 4 Mercurous Chloride (also known as calomel) for syphilis, constipation and skin disease; Part 5 Mercury with chalk for constipation in children; Part 6 Butyl-Chloral Hydrate, an analgesic and hypnotic; Part 7 Aromatic chalk and opium powder, for diarrhoea.

Physical Description

7 glass apothecary jars with round body, straight sides, sloping slightly outward toward neck and narrower to top. Jars have glass stoppers. Some jars contain traces of medicine.


Example of medications stocked in the pharmacy of mental health hospitals in Victoria, Australia, circa 1900.

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