Video casette Home of the Brave, produced by Edward Street Films Pty Ltd, Brunswick 3056, Victoria, Australia, 1991
The video was commissioned by Community Services Victoria in 1991 for transmission on national television. It depicts conditions within institutions for people with intellectual disabilities and then describes the effects of recent government policies towards de-institutionalisation.

The video was made by Roger and Katherine Scholes of Edward Street Films Pty Ltd. Duration - 30 minutes. Initially, management at C.S.V. was opposed to the showing of the film, as it gave a poor picture of conditions within institutions. However, eventually it was released, and won a number of prizes for documentaries.

This video won a number of prizes for documentary films, including Gold Mobie (best film in the category Community Services) and The Grand Mobie (Overall winner of the Mobie Awards, 1993); a Certificate of Commendation (Documentary Film Category) in the Australian Human Rights Award 1992, etc. See Supp. File

Physical Description

Videotape in black plastic case.

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