Envelope addressed to Nicolae Condurateanu, from Nastase Condurateanu. It was sent to hime while he was in a German Displaced Persons camp, following World War Two.

Nicolae Condurateanu was a Romanian who was placed in a POW camp during World War II in Germany. He met his wife Barbara, also a Romanian, when she caught the wrong train and ended up in a German Displaced Persons camp, where Nicolae was Barbara had spent World War II in a Russian POW camp and was meant to have been on a train back to Romania. The couple married in 1948 at the A1 Heetre Camp and immigrated to Australia in 1950, where Nicolae worked in a Tea factory and Barbara at the Four and Twenty Pie factory. They had no family in Australia and had to rely on each other for support eventually purchasing a house and establishing a life in their new country.

Physical Description

Worn pink coloured envelope. Contains one side handwritten address sent to in Germany and other side handwritten address of sender in Romania. Includes postmark.

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