Gaucho doll, sent to Henry Pregal by his grandmother in Argentina, shortly after he had migrated to Australia, with his parents and sister in 1965. The family decided to leave Argentina because they saw Australia as holding more opportunity, and because Mr Pregal, who was of Calabrian ethnicity, had family members who were already living here.

Gauchos made up the majority of the rural population on the South American plains in Argentina, Southern Chile, and Southern Brazil, during the 19th Century, making their living herding cows and practicing hunting. The typical gaucho outfit would include a woolen poncho, bombachas de campo (loose-fitting trousers), a boina hat and alpargatas (canvas shoes with a rope sole).

Physical Description

Doll dressed in a grey hat, black boots, black and white checkered pants, a white shirt and a black bolero jacket. He also has a piece of brown fabric draped over his left shoulder, a piece of leather around his right wrist and a belt with three wooden balls is around the doll's waist. The doll has dark hair.

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