One shilling, single admission ticket to the Melbourne International Exhibition held at the (Royal) Exhibition Building from 1 October 1880 to 30 April 1881. General admission cost 1s for adults and 6d for children. On days on which special events were held, such as a performance of the Austrian band, tickets prices were increased to 2s and 1s. Season tickets were also available, costing 3 3S for gentlemen and 2 2S for ladies. Over 1.3 million people visited the exhibition at a time when Melbourne's population was only around 282,000.

Physical Description

Heavy cardboard, rectangular ticket. Obverse: ticket is in 2 shades of grey with black text. At the top a coat of arms with a dexter lion and a sinister unicorn. Extensive text. Reverse: two shades of pink and mauve. Text in a grey surround.

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