Woman's apricot lacy knitted bloomers, synthetic. Collected from Steinberg's Drapery, 140-142 Elgin Street, Carlton.

The Steinberg Drapery Collection was donated to Museum Victoria in 1989-1990 by Phyllis Steinberg and her son Myer Steinberg. It comprises 162 objects, mostly women's and children's clothing, including stockings, socks, shirts, bathing costumes, brassieres, girdles and fabric remnants. The oldest date from the 1930s. They were collected by Museum Victoria on closure of the store.

Physical Description

Woman's apricot lacy knitted bloomers. Garment has a knitted waist band and bands at leg openings. Narrow elastic through waist. Gusset knitted separately in finer knit and sewn in. Manufactured from synthetic (acrylic). Size 'W'.

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