Ceremonial Collar worn by the Past Grand Chief Templar of the International Order of Good Templars. This Collar was used by by the Past Grand Chief Templar in ritual associated with meetings of the International Order of Good Templars at South Melbourne.

Physical Description

Red velvet collar with outer fringing and gold braid rim. Two raised circular motifs on the collar. On the right, the motif reads "I.O.G.T./ The world our field" in braided writing with two joining laurel branches, also in gold braid, over a central satin braided orb surrounded by red velvet back- ground. Letters underneath: "P" and "G.C.T." for Past Grand Chief Templar. On the left, a raised motif "I.O.G.T." and the symbols and words of "Faith, Hope and Charity", with a Latin cross, an anchor and heart in gold braid. At the centre front of the collar is a round badge showing a gold metal laurel wreath on a red velvet background with a central rosette of white satin, blue satin and rose satin ribbons held together by a large gold coloured button.

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