Alternative Name(s): Binder

Swaddling cloth or maternity binder given to Ivanka Bobek by a friend when her first son was born in Slovenia in 1941. They were used to support the muscles and keep the mother erect after childbirth. Ivanka brought this cloth along with several items from her mother's glory box and a net scarf with her when she migrated to Australia in 1951, via Displaced Persons Camps in Europe. Each of the items Ivanka brought with her were handcrafted using traditional techniques, which she maintains.

Physical Description

Long rectangular cloth binder, with one end hemmed flat while the other has been hemmed pointed. Attached to the pointed end is a long textile tape, which is folded in half at the join. The binder is made from a self patterned cloth, which is decorated with diagonal bands and an abstract pattern. A red `S' is embroidered near the straight end of the binder.

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