Necklace made with pink, silver and gold beads, by Spoldzielnia Pracy Rekodziela Artystycnego, circa 1988-1989.

Part of a Polish regional costume forwarded to Mrs Grohs in Melbourne by her late mother, brother and sister from Poland. Mrs Grohs had requested a traditional girl's costume in anticipation of the birth of her grandchild. However, a grandson was born, so the costume was never worn. She had intended her grand-daughter would learn about her Polish heritage. Costumes of this type are made in Government run and funded folk art or 'culture workshops' in Poland. This particular example is representative of the Krakow region in Poland.

Physical Description

Triple stranded necklace of pink, silver and gold beads, threaded onto acrylic line and secured with a silver metal clasp. Beads are arranged in descending and ascending order on each strand. Each strand is slightly longer in length than the previous.

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