Alternative Name(s): Blouse

Lightweight silk jacket, black with white quoit pattern, unlined, with single front fastening. Used circa 1920 and possibly later. Belonged to Betty Anderson of Kew.

Betty (Elizabeth) was the daughter of James Caldwell Anderson and Mary Lloyd Anderson, and grand-daughter of renowned architect Lloyd Tayler. Born in 1889, Betty was one of four siblings, all of whom she outlived. The family lived at 'Mynda', 5 Molesworth Street, Kew, Melbourne. Betty served in the Red Cross during World War I, although details are confined to a nurse's apron and a photograph. She never married, and lived to the age of 92, passing away in 1982.

Betty (and her mother Minnie) had several items of black clothing in this period, which could suggest mourning clothing. Her father and brother had both died in 1915 (their deaths were not related to World War I). Although she was actively involved in World War I, apparently serving as a nurse, it is not known if Betty lost others to whom she was close during the War.

Physical Description

Black silk long lightweight jacket with white quoit pattern. Jacket cut long and straight with revers at lapel. Shaping at nape(back of neck) through seven darts. Two single shoulder darts at front. Three quarter length shaped sleeves with 6 small darts on the inner elbow. Hook/eye closing at front. Shoulder pads attached at top of sleeve.

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