Alternative Name(s): Tshega
Loin cloth made by the African Women's Group, circa 1990-1992 in Melbourne. This item is one of nine purchased from the African Women's Group, which was established in 1984 by Amelia Sello, an immigrant from South Africa. Mrs Sello also teaches crafts to group members. The tshega is a traditional garment worn by young village men during summer (it is similar to the Lekgabe worn by women). In winter a blanket is worn instead.

Physical Description

Apron-like garment consisting of three stiffened, lined flaps of fabric attached to a narrow waistband which is fastened by tying the ends together. Made from cotton fabric printed in dark blue with white dotted check pattern. The central flap is larger than the other two; all three are mitre- shaped and reinforced by sewing a pattern in black cotton across them.

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