Woman's black bombazine petticoat. Belonged to Minnie Anderson of Kew. Likely to date from the late 19th century.

Mary 'Minnie' Lloyd Anderson was one of five children of renowned architect Lloyd Tayler (1830-1900) and Sarah Toller. She married James Caldwell Anderson; they had a son and three daughters. The family lived at 'Mynda', 5 Molesworth Street, Kew, designed by Lloyd Tayler. Minnie died in 1951, aged 91.

Physical Description

Black bombazine petticoat, floor length. Stiffened on the inside with Silesia - a fine brown glazed linen used for lining dresses. Cotton lining. Inverted pleat at back. Eight pairs of hooks and eyes at a side/front closing. Tape tightens gathers at back. Loop on waist, possibly for hanging.

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