Alternative Name(s): Dress

Woven cream and tan stripe smock in loose style gathered at the yoke. Likely to date from the 1890s. It was probably worn by Betty Anderson, who was born in 1889, the daughter of Minnie Anderson, or one of her siblings. A collection of clothing from both Minnie and Betty is held by Museum Victoria. An almost identical dress is registered as SH 880217 (see Related Records).

Mary 'Minnie' Lloyd Anderson (1859-1951) was one of five children of renowned architect Lloyd Tayler (1830-1900) and Sarah Toller, who married in 1858. Minnie married James Caldwell Anderson in 1883; they had a son and three daughters. The family lived at 'Mynda', 5 Molesworth Street, Kew, designed by her father Lloyd Tayler. She died in 1951, aged 91.

Minnie's daughter Betty (Elizabeth) Anderson (1889-1982) outlived all her siblings. Betty served in the Red Cross during World War I, although details are confined to a nurse's apron and a photograph. She never married, and lived to the age of 92.

An extensive collection of images relating to the family of Minnie and Betty circa 1890-1910 is held at the State Library of Victoria. Several depict children wearing smock-like garments. Similar garments were worn by the daughters of Thomas Beckett, photographed in Melbourne in the 1890s, are part of the Museums Victoria collection.

Physical Description

Woven cream and tan striped silk smock with small motifs. Skirt gathered on yoke. Full length sleeves gathered at shoulder and gathered onto 65mm cuff at wrist. Bodice lined with twill. Muslin interfacing in top of sleeves. Bandeau neck, back opening with 3 metal hooks. Machine stitched, hand-made garment.

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