Alternative Name(s): card

Latvian National Society in Exile Membership card issued to Karina Nartiss, for the period 1947-1948. Karina married Alozijs Nartiss in 1946, and their daughter Liga was born in 1947. They migrated to Australia in 1949 after spending time in a displaced persons camp in Ludwigsburg in West Germany from 1948-49. In Australia Karina, who had trained as a dancer, worked as a photographic model and was featured on the last paper 10 Pound note, issued in 1956.

Physical Description

A folded rectangular card with the member's name, birth date and place and place of residence handwritten in front. Latvian District Committe e stamp. Two vertical red stripes on left of front of card. The card is pink. On reverse, inside divided into a. 20 squares with year and month; b. 12 squares. member's signature on back.

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