Tonsil guillotine manufactured by Heath's and used in the removal of tonsils (tonsillectomy) of patients at the Mont Park Mental Hospital, Bundoora, Victoria, circa 1912-1950.

Physical Description

Heath's guillotine, used to remove tonsils (tonsillectomy) consists of 2 parallel shafts attached at one end by a screw through the top of a tubular handle at right angle below them. The fixed bottom shaft ends in a flattened straight-sided spoon shape with a 20mm size hole at the end to "lasoo" the tonsil. It has an overlapping rim which forms a track for the sliding shell- shaped blade on the end of the upper shaft. Both shafts are flat, the upper one thinner and tapering to the blade with an oblong hole near the far end that allows the screw into the handle to hold it in place while permitting it to slide back and forth. Curved, ridged handgrip on end. Lower shaft soldered to the handle top. Convex sides. Handle has vertical ridges and half-ball shape bottom.

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