Green cap with grey flecks, with side flaps. Fur-lined. manufactured by Commonwealth Government Clothing Manufacturers (CGCM), and worn in Antarctica by Dr Phillip Law between 1954 and 1966.

This is part of Museum Victoria's collection of artefacts from the post-war era of scientific exploration of Antarctica.

Physical Description

Green with grey flecks, this cap has side flaps which continue around the back. The extended flap is lined with a dark brown artificial fur. The left flap has two brass stud fasteners (for changing size) and the right flap has one brass stud The crown consists of six triangular panels. The peak is machine-stitched in a series of lines following the shape of the peak. The crown is lined in black material and there is a thick material between the lining and the crown. A cream-coloured label is sewn into the crown lining at the back.


Made from same material as ANARE dress suit. When not in use the side flaps were buttoned up over the top of the head. When lowered the flaps protected the ears and back of the neck. The artificial fur lining on the side flaps was missing in the earlier models. The body of the cap was padded to provide insulation. This cap was used by Dr P.G. Law almost exclusively as headwear and could be worn under the hood of the ventile windproof suit.

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