Hungarian flag made by the crew of the Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt during a voyage from Amsterdam to Australia in early 1957. These flags were placed on each table at dinner 15 March 1957 to celebrate Hungarian National Day which commemorates the 1848 Hungarian revolution, as many of the passengers on board the ship were Displaced Persons from Hungary. Inscription in Hungarian on the flag reads: "To the Celebration of the Hungarian Freedom March 15"

The flag was collected by Julius Toth who was a passenger aboard the ship. He had to trade his portion of a camera he had brought with two other Hungarians, to acquire the flag. The flag has been a prized decoration in his room where ever he has been since. Julius migrated to Australia in 1957 following the short lived Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and subsequent Soviet occupation.

Physical Description

Hungarian flag on wooden stand, with second piece of material with inscription in Hungarian.

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