Monthly tram ticket for Helen Ilich, dated 2 December 1946. It was used in Croatia where Helen worked as a high school art teacher during World War II. In 1953 Helen migrated to Australia, with her two children. Her husband was already in Australia when Helen and the children arrived.

Helen had always wanted to be an artist but rarely had the opportunity or parental support to pursue her passion. This continued in Australia but she found a degree of artistic outlet by working in three ceramic studios around Melbourne - Ellis, Isobel (a small independent business) and Guy Boyd's studio which she particularly enjoyed. Helen later joined the Heidelberg Artists' Society and taught painting at home, producing many works of her own.

Physical Description

Rectangular green paper ticket. The back of the ticket has a small black and white photograph of Helen Ilich in the top left hand corner and her name and occupation have been hand written underneath, the righthand side has a grid with all the months, printed in black ink in Croatian, the final month in the grid has a small square of white paper with some black text stapled to it. The front of the ticket has extensive text in Croatian, printed in black ink.

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