Alternative Name(s): Folder

Folio created by Helen Ilich to provide inspiration for her landscapes. It contains magazine clippings, catalogues and friends' photos of the Australian Outback and other locations.

Helen migrated to Melbourne from Croatia in 1953 with her two children, her husband already having arrived. She had always wanted to be an artist but rarely had the opportunity or parental support to pursue her passion. This continued in Australia but she found a degree of artistic outlet by working in three ceramic studios around Melbourne - Ellis, Isobel (a small independent business) and Guy Boyd's studio which she particularly enjoyed. At the Boyd studio she painted many ceramic pieces with Australian landscape and Aboriginal motifs, produced for the domestic and tourist markets. Helen later joined the Heidelberg Artists' Society and taught painting at home, producing many works of her own.

Physical Description

Leather folio with cloth interior with leaf pattern in brown and white. The folio contains a collection of loose papers. The material includes newspaper articles, postcards, documents and pictures from calendars. Common themes in the material are landscapes, both Australian and European, European cityscapes and recipes.

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