Pasta Maker probably brought out from Italy in 1927 by Rosa Cavedon. The Cavedon family owned a tobacco and dairy farm at Eurobin, Victoria. In 1963 they began farming Angus beef cattle instead of dairy cattle, they also cultivated peppermint from 1991 and farmed emus from 1993. The farm was sold in 1998.

Remigio Cavedon emigrated to Australia from Italy arriving in 1924 aboard the ship Palermo. He worked in Melbourne for three years and later settled near Myrtleford where he established a tobacco farm in 1928 in Eurobin. His wife Rosa [nee Bettale] and their three children Maria Giacinta, Giovanni Costante and Gino migrated to join him in 1927. Two other children, Deni and Nelli Elda were born at Bright, Victoria. Giovanni Costante married Olga Andreetta in 1948.

Physical Description

Metal and wooden pasta maker consisting of a pasta moulding unit and wooden stand, detachable handle and plastic container of pasta moulds. The pasta moulding unit consists of a long metal tube which has a rim at one end, to hold the pasta moulds, and a long screw-down press at the other. The unit is attached by two bolts to a rectangular piece of timber Detachable handle with a tapered wooden knob at each end and a square shaped hole in the centre to attach it to the pasta moulding unit. Clear plastic container with red lid containing seven metal pasta moulds. The container previously held stock cubes.

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