Plaque for the Colonial Mutual Life (CML) Assurance Society Limited used from about 1935 until the demolition of the CML Building in 1960. The plaque was transferred to the Museum by the Commonwealth Bank (who purchased CML) when the Bank's Archives were being moved to Sydney.

The CML Building was one of the landmarks of late nineteenth century Melbourne. It was occupied by the Equitable Company from its opening in 1896 until 1923, when it was sold to the Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited for a price of £280,000, less than half the building's total build cost. Despite its status however, by the late 1950s the building was becoming uneconomic. While structurally solid, its very lavishness was its doom. Experts, including the National Trust, were consulted but, despite the building's grandeur and opulence, it was not considered worthy of preservation. In 1959, CML's call for tenders for demolition was won by Whelan the Wrecker; by the end of 1960 the building had gone.

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Metal plaque

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