Sculpture made by Hasan Bagdas, circa 1990 - 1995. Hasan Bagdas is a Kurdish artist from Turkey who arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1973 following severe oppression from the Turkish government. This piece represents Hasan's tribute to successful multiculturalism in Australia, blending Kurdish images with Australian images. It also represents the freedom he attained in Australia.

Physical Description

This multimedia sculpture has been constructed in wood, paper, and found objects. The piece creates an Australian symbol, the kangaroo out of a saz (a Turkish musical instrument) a vacuum cleaner head and leather. Pictures have been stuck to the body of the sculpture from the artist's paintings and various images from around the world. Found objects have been used to create a Melbourne landscape between the feet of the kangaroo. This landscape incorporates the Kurdish and Aboriginal flags and a building made from the saz. The whole piece has been fixed to a base to which a carrying handle has also been attached.

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