Length of Red Fabric, with traditional design from the Nica Region of Latvia, made by Anita Apinis-Herman, circa 1995. Anita is second generation Latvian weaver, she was taught by her mother Anna and then undertook further training at the Melbourne College of Textiles. This cloth is woven in the traditional colours and patterns of the Nica region on the west coast of Latvia. It was produced on a four shaft table loom using satin weave and an inlay pattern. It was copied from a sample seen in the Displaced Persons Camp in Memmingen, Germany, by Anita's mother.

Physical Description

A woven red coloured fabric with red fringe on both ends. There are lines across the fabric, between the lines are diagonal patterns sewn on in colours white, dark blue, black, yellow, mauve and dark green. Across the fabric are lines sewn on. There are other designs embroidered on, some with hearts, some circles in the colours white, blue, pink, green, mauve, yellow.

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