Emperor Penguin stole, which came with a matching muff, made from a penguin pelt brought back from the Antarctic by Australian Stanley Taylor. Stanley Gordon Roberts Taylor was Leading Fireman on the Steam Yacht Aurora and his log of the voyage covers the period October 1912-March 1913 when the Aurora, under Captain John King Davis, sailed to the Antarctic carrying 21 Husky dogs on the outward voyage and on the return bringing back members of the Australian Antarctic Exploring Expedition. Because of the closing in of the pack ice at Commonwealth Bay, they were unable to wait longer for the return of Sir Douglas Mawson to the base camp and had to leave to pick up the party which was waiting at Gausberg. As part of his duties as Ship's Fireman, Stanley Taylor was responsible for keeping an inventory of coal supplies and ensuring that enough head of steam was always available to keep the ship safe among the icebergs after all anchors had been lost. In his off-duty hours he often worked with the taxidermist and assisted him in catching and skinning the penguins.

Souveniring items from Antarctica was a common practice amongst early explorers and reflected the adventurist spirit underlying such exploration. Modern attitudes reflect more of a concern for preserving the natural heritage of Antarctica, and such souveniring is less common though not unknown.

Physical Description

Stole made from the skin, with feathers, of an Emperor penguin. The skin has been padded and lined with cream satin. At the top of the stole, there is an edge of pleated satin, on the inside edge. At the bottom of the collar, there are two elaborate cream tassels. On the left side of the collar, a metal ring and three piece chain are sewn into the skin.

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