Alternative Name(s): Button

Metal badge featuring an allegorical figure of Liberty shown holding the French tricolor. Around the badge is printed 'French Red Cross Dec. 6 - 1918.' The badge was sold on 6 December 1918 in South Australia to raise funds for the work of the Red Cross in the war zones of France.

The South Australian French Red Cross appeal was launched on 2 December 1918, 'when the children of the State bade farewell to Gen. Pan and the French Mission, and made a valuable presentation to the Red Cross Fund.' (The Register (Adelaide), 3 Dec 1918). The French Red Cross, The Register explained, was divided into three groups: the 'Secours aux blesses,' which dealt with purely military requirements, and to which half of the funds were entirely devoted; and the 'Societe des Femmes de France' and 'Societe les Dames Francaises,' which together distributed the other half of the funds 'in alleviating distress caused by calamities in war or peace.' The activities were coordinated by Gen. Pau, President of the great French Red. Cross Society.

Physical Description

Metal badge, with the female head of the figure of Liberty shown holding the French tricolor. The figure has one hand raised to her mouth. Inscription around edge. The badge is fastened by a metal pin which slips into a hole in the back of the badge.

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