Official certificate of repatriation issued to Barbara Condurateanu on 7 August 1947, while she was in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany.

Barbara Condurateanu was a Romanian refugee who spent World War II in a Russian POW camp and being repatriated back to Romania, when she caught the wrong train and ended up in a German Displaced Persons camp. In the camp she met fellow Romanian refugee Nicolae Condurateanu, who had spent World War II in a German POW camp. The couple married in 1948 at the A1 Heetre Camp and immigrated to Australia in 1950, where Nicolae worked in a Tea factory and Barbara at the Four and Twenty Pie factory. They had no family in Australia and had to rely on each other for support eventually purchasing a house and establishing a life in their new country.

Physical Description

Certificate of Repatriation, includes small black and white photo. The certificate has been stamped by Romania Misiunea de Repatrieri.

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