Hermes typewriter made by Paillard Ltd, Switzerland in 1952. It belonged to Alma Arnould, who immigrated to Australia in 1971. Alma was born in Egypt, educated in England and lived and finally migrated from Belgium. Alma was a linguist and worked as a translator in Europe. She bought the typewriter with her first wages in the 1950s for her work. It has an international keyboard and types in French, English, Spanish and German. Although Alma never used the typewriter in Australia, the machine itself has been branded with a Migrant Flight Number which marks it literally and symbolically as a migration object. Migrant specific flights were identified with a special MI prefix.

Physical Description

Typewriter with Hermes 2000 badge above keyboard, it is on a base. It is housed in a two part case. Keys for the case attached to case lid with chain, and two cleaning brushes are clipped to the inside of the lid of the case.

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