Sculpture 'The Beginning of the End' by Martha Ash, circa 1995. Martha Ash was born in Poland in 1920 and lost all her family in the Holocaust. She came to Australia in 1949 where she studied ceramics, sculpture silver smithing, enamelling and glass mosaic. This particular piece was inspired during work on the Holocaust section of the mural commissioned by Temple Beth Israel in St Kilda titled 'From Creation To Redemption'. Martha passed away in September 1996.

Physical Description

Glass collage exploring the theme of birth and the intensity of life through a chaotic and colourful juxtaposition of glass which is then fired. Colours used include reds, yellows, greens and blues in a range of tonal values.


This artwork forms part of the Artistic Practice and Cultural Identity collection which represents an attempt to move beyond a solely visual appreciation of craft work towards a richer understanding of ways in which craft expresses and embraces cultural experience.

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