Don't Blame Me I Didn't Vote For Him' badge, alternatively known as a button, made by Badge-A-Minit (BAM). It was created to protest against the government of Jeff Kennett who was Premier of Victoria from 1992 to 1999. Jeff Kennett is depicted in a cartoon drawn by Melbourne cartoonist Ron Tandberg. Jeff Kennett entered politics in 1976, winning the seat of Burwood. After a sometimes tumultuous period as Leader of the Opposition during the 1980s, he became Premier of Victoria in 1992. His time in power was partly characterised by considerable job cuts, the privatisation of a number of Victoria's utilities companies and radical policy changes in health, education and welfare. The Kennett government was also responsible for the development of the controversial Crown Casino as well as initiating the Citylink road building project, the redevelopment of the Docklands area and the building of the new Melbourne Museum.

Ron Tandberg has been drawing daily cartoons since the 1960s. He draws for Melbourne's Age newspaper. Jeff Kennett issued two writs against him due to his depictions of the then-Premier.

Physical Description

Round plastic coated badge. It has a green background with black text and an anti-Kennett cartoon drawn by Ron Tandberg. The cartoon depicts Kennett and another man sitting opposite each other at a desk. Kennett is depicted as bigger in the frame than the other man. Kennett is holding a piece of paper and talking to the man opposite him. A pin attached to back of badge.

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