Architectural plan dating October 1965, identifying in detail City Abattoirs, Newmarket. City Abattoirs adjoined the Newmarket Saleyards at Epsom Road.

Plan provides detail of: Manure Yard, Dog Kennel, Holding Yard, Covered Yard, Beef Killing Room, Beef Hanging room, Chiller, Beef Chilling Chamber, Engine Room, Compressor, Laboratory, Office, Carpenter, Refrigeration Room, Mess Room, Loading Ramp & Holding Yard, Car Park, Open Holding Yard, Mutton Export Hanging Room, Mutton Export Slaughter House, Dressing Rooms, Pork Chambers, Pig Slaughter House, Paunch House, Manure Shed, Engine Room, Dessicator, Tripery, Spray Chamber, Weighbridge, Quarantine Block, Edible Fat Room, Mutton Killing Room, Mutton Hanging Room, Chilling Chamber, ESD sub-station, Sheep Slaughter House, Airlocks, Fat Rooms, Main Entrance, Store,

Roads identified on plan - Smithfield Road, Back Abbatoirs Road, Hobsons Road. Physical boundaries of the map are: north west border - Smithfield Road, south west border - Stock Route South, west border - Hobsons Road and Maribyrnong River, eastern boundary adjacent to Dog Kennels and Manure Yards.

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Architectural Plan.

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