Terrazzo table made by Luigi Cicutto, circa 1941. Luigi immigrated to Melbourne in 1927, and initially worked as a terrazzo craftsman in Melbourne for a couple of years, living in Carlton and Fitzroy. During this time he was also a founding member of the Matteotti Club. He then moved to the Wangaratta region as a tobacco farmer. He married by proxy and was joined by his wife in 1934. He was never interred during World War II as tobacco farming was considered an essential industry, although he was required to report to police regularly. He picked up terrazzo work again and then proceeded with it in earnest after World War II. Luigi made the table in 1941, as a patriotic statement of support for his new county, and possibly with a touch of irony, to rouse his a-political Australian countrymen. He and his wife Sidonia remained in Wangaratta all their lives - they had one daughter.

Terrazzo is a technique where marble chips and other fine aggregates are exposed in a concrete (originally clay) surface, the surface is polished and sealed preserving the wet and marble-like look.

Physical Description

Table with a terrazzo, polished marble chips, top in a sunburst design and a concrete 'tree style' base

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