This suit was designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L in 1988. Worn by donor to the 1988 Melbourne Cup with a blue straw trilby hat (Sh 942141.) Acccording to the donor, the theme was based on 'Scrunch and Drape' effects to give shape and texture. Prue Acton's Melbourne Cup clothing was specially designed for her to draw attention to Australian designers and in particular her forthcoming winter range.

According to the donor, this is an example of the 'Status suit' range, which represented the rise of the corporate woman in the 1980's. Large shoulder pads typical feature, and it depicts 'power dressing combined with the feminine "female taleur"'

Physical Description

This outfit consists of a navy polyester top and skirt: (1) Navy long-sleeved synthetic jacket with collarless round neckline. The jacket is fitted at waist and hips, the left side is lower than the right. Fabric is draped in a rippled effect running diagonally from top to bottom, both front and back. The front opening is to the right of centre and conceals six pearl grey buttons, three press studs and one hook and eye fastener. Shoulder pads are attached inside the black polyester lining. . (2) Matching straight knee length skirt with back zip and kick pleat. The lining is black polyester.

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