This top and pants were designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L in 1981. They were produced for overseas sale (Kanto, Japan, U.S.A.) The fabric was known as 'broomstick' design, produced by wrapping silk around broom handle and steaming.The fabric also came as a long-sleeved dress, a version of which was worn over pants in film 'Breakfast in Paris' (Australian/US production).

It was part of the range developed in conjunction with Prue Acton's 1980 Melbourne Cup outfit, with 'Byzantine' theme.

Physical Description

This is a two piece pleated sik outfit: (1) Champagne coloured top in roughly pleated silk, decorared with criss-crossed straps at shoulder. Ends of straps hang down and are weighted with brass and plastic beads. Top is loose and sleeveless and edges have a decorative trim. (2) Champagne coloured straight legged pants with elasticised waistband. Fabric is shiny silk or polyester.

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