Ensemble designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L circa 1968. The original retail prices were $42 for the Dress and $78 for the coat. The dress was also sold with pants for $61. According to the donor, the wearer of a dress/pants outfit could remove the pants at 'no pants' restaurants. The dress and pants outfit won her an award in the Wool Board's 1969 Fashion Awards.

Physical Description

The ensemble consists of a woollen mini dress and mini coat. (1) Long sleeved cream wool mini dress with decorative braid at neck, v-neck opening and cuffs and waist. Front panels are pin-tucked and skirt is gathered into waist-band. Dress is lined and has 6 decorative metal buttons at neck opening. (2) Long sleeved burgundy velvet mini jacket with braid and sheepskin trim. Braid down both sides of centre front opening, collar, hem and cuffs, Sheepskin at cuffs and hem. Fully lined.

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