Alternative Name(s): Melbourne Cup 1983 Range.

Silver grey silk 'Bird of Paradise' dress, made by Prue Acton &/or Contractors, circa 1983. It was part of range developed from a 1983 Melbourne Cup outfit, following stitched lines and spiralled shapes. The dress was designed for a Miss Universe entrant, circa 1983.

Physical Description

Full length sleeveless evening dress in silver grey figured silk. Decorated at front with large appliqued 'Bird of Paradise', the wings fanning out over the bodice at front and back, made of cellulose nitrate coating on a synthetic base. Front midriff is cut out. Sequins off-cuts of cellulose acetate are sewn on seams to add glitter. Low cut neck and back. Skirt is slit at front. Fastened at back by zip. Grey acetate lining. Small safety pin removed from inside left shoulder.

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