Metal cross which would most likely have been worn around the neck. The engraved design on the front of the cross is a Eastern Orthodox Cross also known as a Byzantine, Greek Orthodox, Macedonian, Russian Orthodox, Slavic, Slavonic or Ukraine Cross. The slanted lower bar on the engraved cross along with the Cyrillic text on the back of the cross suggest it is a Russian Orthodox cross, as the lower bar of Greek Orthodox and Ukraine crosses are generally straight.

The letters IC XC which are adjacent to the upper beam of the cross are an abbreviation for Jesus Chris. IC represents the Greek characters Iota and Sigma, the first and last letters of Jesus, while the letters XC represent Chi and Sigma, the first and last letters of Christ.

Physical Description

Small metal cross has rounded edges and engraving on both sides. At the top of the cross is a round metal loop, used to attach the cross to something else. On one side of the cross is a smaller engraved cross, and on the other side Russian engraved miniature writing.

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