Medal issued by the Sate of Queensland to commemorate Australian Federation
Gilt, 31 mm. dia.
Mint: Stokes & Sons
Other Details: Medal issued to commemorate the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. It includes the sheild of Queensland on the obverse and Britannia and the Union Jack on the reverse.

Obverse Description

At centre witin wide rim, shield of Queensland with motto on ribbon below, AUDAX ET FIDELIS

Reverse Description

Britannia seated left, under arch inscribed, UNITY IS STRENGTH; with a capping-stone inscribed FEDER/ATION/1901,on globe which depicts Australia, holds flaming staff in right hand and rests left of Union Jack Shield; around AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH, on ribbon below, ADVANCE. The names of the States are given on the columns of the arch.

Edge Description


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