Australia Tasmania Hobart
Other Details: Medal isued to commemorate the consecration of the St David's cathedral in Hobart and associated children's festival in 1894. Saint David's Cathedral is the church of the Bishop of Tasmania's episcopal chair (cathedral), therefore serving the diocese, the city and the state. Built between 1868 and 1936, Saint David's is widely regarded as the finest example outside England of the work of the leading Victorian architect, George F. Bodley. Building started in January 1868 and the nave was completed in February 1874. The former and new churches then stood together for six months before the former church was demolished. The Cathedral's cloisters and tower, built on the site of the old church, were finally completed in 1936. Bodley's plans were following throughout the 68-year construction. The cathedral was built in neo-Gothic style.

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View of Cathedral; above, CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL; below, HOBART

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