Australia South Australia Penols Queen Victoria Jubilee medal 1887 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Martin
Artist: Harry Stokes
Medals presented by John Ridoch and William McPherson
Other Details: This medal was one of many issued around Australia in 1887 to commemorate the jubilee of Queen Victoria. It names the town of Penola, South Australia, John Riddock and William McPherson. John Riddock (usually spelt Riddoch) grew up in poverty in the highlands of Scotland (a result of the Highlands clearances) and in 1851 emigrated to the Victorian goldfields. Within a few years he was a successful shopkeeper and wine merchant on the Geelong goldfields. In 1861 he purchased a property in the Penola area of South Australia, stimulating the development of the area. He acquired 35,000 acres on which he ran 50,000 head of sheep. He established his Coonawarra vineyards, planting some 95,000 vines. Around 1890 he formed the Coonawarra Fruit Colony and subdivided 2,000 acres from his property into holdings of 10-30 acres which were sold to farmers with the express idea that they all became vineyards and orchards. William McPherson, also named on the medal, also ran large holdings in Victoria and probably South Australia.
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Obverse Description

Crowned and veiled head of Queen Victoria left; around, VICTORIA JUBILEE 1887 In small letters on neck mint name: STOKES & MARTIN

Reverse Description

At centre within wide rim, PRESENTED / BY / JOHN RIDDOCH / AND / WM. Mc.PHERSON / PENOLA around above, LOYAL ET MORTE around below, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Edge Description


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