Model of a Melbourne tram track. Model scale: 1:48 (1/4-inch to the foot). Initially made as temporary base for model for Day 1 of Think Ahead as Superstop base was not yet complete. Not past of State Heritage Collection.

The model was commissioned by Museum Victoria in 2013 for the Transport Collection and is featured in the Transport Showcase of the Scienceworks 'Think Ahead' Exhibition. It was constructed by model maker, Mark O'Brien.

Physical Description

Scale model of a tram track. Grey base with track in centre.


Scale models have long formed a key interpretative approach in depicting the story of technological development in areas such as transport, engineering and mining where the acquisition of full-size artefacts is often impractical, particularly when considered for display within a traditional museum setting. Museum Victoria has a large and historically significant collection of scale models dating back to the museum's earliest years in the 1850s, depicting shipping, railways, mining, agricultural machinery, steam engines and other aspects of engineering.

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