'...My grandfather used to make them, and my father used to make them, and my brother used to make them, now I'm making them. So it's just like... just comes naturally, 'cause it's in the family, you know?' Kevin Pearce, Mutti Mutti, 2004.
Charlie Pearce and his son Kevin made this club. Kevin teaches the young children in his local area the craft of making hunting and fishing tools and weapons that he learnt from previous generations of his family. A strong and heavy club is traditionally made from Box or River Red Gum, but Charlie and Kevin often use the light-coloured wattle, which highlights their decorative work done with a hot wire.

Physical Description

Wooden club, white wattle, bulbous head with pointed end, slightly bulbous butt. Head cream colour, handle and tip light brown. Hot poker designs.


The shape of this club is similar to the club, or waddy, used by groups along the Yarra River, which was known as a kud-jer-oong or as a koom-bah-mallee to men along the Murray River. The koom-bah-mallee was mostly used for single combat, during which blows were aimed at the head only and both combatants were protected by a strong shield known as a mulga.
Message Stick, Kevin Pearce, 2004, Viewed 16 August 2017

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