This is the original version of the `Je Suis Mod' dress, made in 1978. Jenny wore it with pink high heeled shoes.

Later versions of the dress, which incorporated a conical bra, are held by the MAAS in Sydney and the NGV.

In 2005, a model wore this to illustrate a newspaper article in The Age newspaper, entitled `Staying Afloat', which looked at the challenges Jenny's business was facing at the time.

From the beginning, Jenny incorporated other people's junk into her unique designs. Nothing symbolises this better than the fantastic plastic explosion of her iconic `Je Suis Mod' dress. The result was an outfit perfect for a person as adventurous and extroverted as the creator herself.

Physical Description

Short dress made of plastic and mixed media. Plastic cut at bottom with ragged edges. Horizontal strips of pink, yellow and blue plastic run across the body of the dress. Pieces of plastic objects, such as vinyl singles, dolls and toys are sewn or attached to the dress with safety pins. Dress has a black lining.

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