This image is one of ten photographs of Amelia Bright and her daughter Hazel at Fish Creek taken by Catherine Forge on 24 October 2016 as part of the Invisible Farmer Project.

This particular image shows Amelia Bright standing in a muddy field on her farm with her daughter Hazel resting on her hip. A few of her pigs can be seen in the background.

Born in 1988 in Wonthaggi, Amelia Bright describes herself as a "non-generational farmer" who proudly married into the lifestyle. She and her husband, along with their 12 month old daughter Hazel, own and operate Amber Creek Farm: 165 acres of farmland in Fish Creek where approximately 100 pigs are cared for and raised. Amelia Bright is representative of many other women in agriculture and speaks passionately about sustainability, land use, ethical and regenerative farming practices, animal welfare, consumer-producer relationships, and the importance of family and community within the farming industry.

This photograph is related to four interviews that were conducted in Gippsland in 2016, with support from the Australia Women in Agriculture Inc. These interviews and photographs form part of the Invisible Farmer Project. A key aim of this project is to redress the absence of rural women in mainstream histories and museums.

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Colour photograph of a woman standing in a muddy field holding a child, a blue tractor can be seen to the right of the image with pigs and trees in the background

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Digital photograph

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