Book titled 'Melbourne Punch 1880' containing: Volumes 70 and 71 of Melbourne Punch, Melbourne Punch Almanack 1880 & 1881, The Decline and Fall of the Berry Ministry 1880 and McKinley's Australian Pictorial Almanac 1881. Punch produced wonderful, satirical images and accounts of Melbourne's International Exhibition and contemporary happenings in colonial Melbourne.

Modelled on the format and presentation of the London based 'Punch', Melbourne Punch (From 1900 Punch) was founded on 2 August 1855 by Edgar Ray and Frederick Sinnett. It mixed articles and sketches on social and political topics, short humorous and satirical pieces, humorous and satirical verse, jokes and cartoons.
From 1886 it incorporated the Melbourne Bulletin, retaining its popularity into the 20th century, until its incorporation into Table Talk in December 1925.

Physical Description

Bound printed volumes covered in half morocco leather.

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