Menu for a Banquet held by the Citizens of Parramatta and District to Welcome Home their Returned Soldiers. The event was held at the Parramatta Town Hall on 16 January 1901. The menu was used by Mr William John Ferris, a member of NSW Parliament at the time, the lists of toasts includes one proposed by Ferris to the banquet's distinguished visitors.

Part of a collection of photographs and documents relating to William John Ferris (1855-1917). Ferris was born in Parramatta, he married in 1885 and had one daughter and three sons. From 1883 he was an Alderman of Parramatta Council, being elected Mayor in 1890 and 1896. In July 1898 he was elected to the NSW Legislative Assembly as the member for Parramatta, he lost his seat in June 1901.

Physical Description

Heavyweight, folded menu and toasts list with scalloped edge.

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