Black and white photograph of staff standing in the front entranceway to the Kodak Shop on Sturt Street Ballarat, circa 1940. This photograph belonged to Connie Kennedy (nee McIntyre) who was 19 years old when she worked for the store for one year, during World War II.

Pictured, left to right: ? , Joan Boothroyd, Connie McIntyre, ?, Nancy Everall

The Kodak store, located on Sturt Street, processed a large volume of film and some glass plates, many from visiting American soldiers who were billeted with local families. In the Kodak store window in this photograph there are photographs taken from USA Today, likely to attract the business of those Servicemen. According to Connie, the store processed 100 rolls of film each day. She was in charge of developing and printing and 5 people worked with her. They processed film and glass plates, often without gloves, in a hot shed out the back. Connie went on to a long career in photography studios doing developing and retouching work.

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Four women and one young man standing in the doorway of a shop with a glass-fronted window display filled with photographs and cameras and 'KODAK' written on the window.

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Black and white photograph, landscape format, with white border.

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