Embroidered postcard featuring the words 'TO MY DEAR SISTER' and a posy of flowers. It was written by Private William (Bill) Nairn to his sister Sarah Jackson of Corio on 10 April 1917 at Salisbury Plain, France, during World War I. Bill acknowledges news of the death of his cousin Alexander Nairn, who was killed in the Middle East on 23 December 1916, while Bill was en route to England from Australia. Bill complains about the cold and indicates that ' we will soon be off to the front'. He actually left for the front over four weeks later, on 14 May. He was killed in the trenches of France on 4 July 1918.

Physical Description

Postcard featuring a panel of coloured embroidery, set within an embossed white cardboard frame. The embroidery features the words 'TO MY DEAR SISTER' under a posy of red and blue flowers with green leaves, tied with a pink ribbon. The back of the postcard has a printed proforma, over-written by extensive hand-writing. Several large stains and two areas of loss suggest that the postcard was glued into an album at some stage. The embroidery and cardboard frame have multiple areas of foxing.

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